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Artwork and electronic file specifications

Hard copy artwork formats:

For text use : clean hard-copy which we can scan and create a digital file by optical character recognition.

For picture use : Our machinery allows us to scan black and white or colour pictures at the correct resolutions to give an excellent printed result. The hard- copy should be no more than A3 (420 x 297 mm) size. If you need something scanning larger than this please ask us for advice.

If you have a previously printed book we can also scan this and extract the text and pictures where necessary whether this is for the purposes of a printed book or e-book.

File Formats:

We can accept both PC and MAC versions of computer files.

If you are supplying press ready files we will need final size PDF file which we can print from directly without making changes to the content. These should be made using the ‘press-ready’ settings in the source program.

We can accept combined text and picture files from the following programs:

Other popular formats are also accepted - please check with us.

If you are supplying your picture files separately we can accept all the popular formats including:

The ideal resolution for the picture files is 300 dpi.

Getting the files and hard copy to us

For hard copy there is little choice but to use the Post Office. If the hard copy is valuable please ensure you us a signed for/insured service.

If you are supplying a book for OCR scanning please be aware that unless told otherwise the book will be destroyed during the scanning process. We can scan without destroying the book but this may incur extra cost. Please contact us for more information

We can also accept DVD’s, CD’s USB sticks and memory cards. Please ensure you have copies of the files stored on your own system.

For electronic files we can accept the following:

You will find the details below of which  hard-copy and electronic formats we can accept and how to get them to us. If your program version is not shown or you need advice please contact us.

As always, if you are unsure about any of the above details or need some help please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will endeavour to help you.