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Binding Choices

Wiro Binding

Section Sewn Binding

Hardback Binding

Witley Press offers a wide range of solutions for the binding of your publication:

Perfect or Paperback Binding.

The popular option for book production. The text pages a roughened and notched on the spine before a special hot melt glue is applied and the binding machine glues and presses them into the pre-creased cover, creating a square backed cover.

Section Sewn Binding.

Similar in appearance to the above, but with the pages folded and sewn together with thread in sections and then glued to give a much more permanent bind and the ability to lay flat when opened. Recommended for books where frequent use and therefore durability is a must.

Wire Stitching or Stapling.

The most cost effective binding method, but only suitable for booklets up to approximately 60 pages, depending on the paper weight used. The pages and cover are folded and stitched with two wires in the centre. We are also able to offer wire loop stitching, where booklets require inserting into loose leaf binders.

Wiro Binding.

Typically used for books which need to lay totally flat when opened, such as recipe books and instruction manuals. A continuous looped metal wire is inserted into the pre-punched leaves and covers (as well as a thick clear plastic protective cover if needs be) creating a strong bind. Wiro binding is also used in the production of calendars.

Loose Leaf Binding

The pages are printed and then punched with 2, 3, or 4 holes and then inserted into binders. Ideal for manuals, training materials and items which need to be updated regularly. We can organise the production of ring binders.

Coil Binding.

Very similar to wiro binding, but using instead a plastic spiral coil. This method is often used in the binding of young children’s story books where durability is a requirement and safety concern of using a metal wire is avoided.

Case or Hardback Binding.

The most prestige (and most costly!) binding method. The book sections are sewn or glued into a thick board case, which can either be covered in a printed paper cover or a wide choice of material finishes, such as cloth or imitation leather. Dust jackets are an option. Books lay totally flat when opened and a very strong and permanent bind is achieved.

Wire Stitching

Perfect Binding