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The Making Of The Screenplay: Under Milk Wood

by Andrew Sinclair

Published by Timon Films

Paperback and E-book

182 pages. Size 235 x 152mm.

Date published: Oct 2014

Author website:

ISBN: 978-0957688575

Paperback £9.99     E-book £6.99

Andrew Sinclair

Legendary Hollywood icons Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter O’Toole star in the screen adaptation of Dylan Thomas’s classic play for voices, directed by Andrew Sinclair.

A celebration of life and death, the film follows the people and events in a small Welsh harbour village, from one spring day to the night. Captain Cat (O’Toole), the blind sea captain, awake or asleep, yearns for Rosie Probert (Taylor), the greatest passion of his youth. Richard Burton plays the key role of the First Voice, an all-seeing compassionate narrator.

“UNDER MILK WOOD is all about religion, sex and death. And it is a comic masterspiece.”

Richard Burton to Andrew Sinclair

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The Making Of The Screenplay: Under Milk Wood