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Gotland and Getland are two islands surrounded by a vast blue ocean. Because of the varied nature of the rock, the two islands are very different; Gotland is green and fertile; Getland is grey, dusty and barren.

Unknown to the people of these islands, a deadly struggle is taking place. A creature lives deep under the sea and plots to control the islands by possessing the minds of the people. Behind this creature are its creators, the terrifying and puzzling Death Visitors who, for all their power, have strict rules of their own. But on one of the islands lives a colony of large silver spiders. They were there long before people came, and now serve secretly as guardians, frustrating the plans of the sea creature.

Into this struggle are drawn two people, a boy and a girl. each having a special reason to fight against the evil influence of the sea creature. Their struggle takes them beneath the sea, deep into the sea creature's cave, and eventually to brave the terrors of the Currents of the Ends of Time.

Everything has its price; nothing is ever for nothing, and time and again, the silver guardians have to use their courage and wit so that others might survive.

Gordon Baddeley

The Silver Guardians (Morfan Book 1)

The Silver Guardians (Morfan Book 1)

by Gordon Baddeley

Published by Matador


194 pages (estimated)

Date published: December 2014

Author website:

Price £4.64