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Down Under Milk Wood

Of Burton and Taylor, O’Toole and Others, Dylan and Me

by Andrew Sinclair

Published by Timon Films

Paperback and E-book

82 pages. Size 235 x 152mm.

Date published: February 2014

Author website:

ISBN: 978-0957688513

Paperback £9.99     E-book £6.99

Andrew Sinclair

Down Under Milk Wood

This illustrated memoir is by Andrew Sinclair. He writes about his long relationship with the works of Dylan Thomas and within the film industry, its leading actors and directors. He made David Hemmings into a star in Blow-Up, which he also published beside 70 other classic screenplays. He has directed Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Peter O'Toole and David Jason, Oliver Reed and Joanna Lumley as well as a host of other prominent players. Among his printed screenplays, Andrew Sinclair worked with Josef von Sternberg on The Blue Angel and Orson Welles, Jean Renoir and Jean-Luc Goddard, and even Graham Greene on the script of The Third Man. He was also the author of biographies of John Ford and Sam Spiegel. This book is a rich and riotous account of fifty years of film-making by a well-known historian and novelist from Cambridge University, which now holds his papers, and from Hollywood too. Whichever was the right direction, he never knew. For the centenary this year of the birth of Dylan Thomas, Sinclair's classic film of Under Milk Wood is being shown through the British Council round the world.

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