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Cooperatives and Cooperation

Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success

When people are exploited and oppressed they cooperate with each other to escape from poverty, to overcome exploitation and oppression. As do people wishing to improve working conditions and the quality of their lives. They get together and form cooperatives. Different forms of cooperatives tackle different kinds of problems. What they have in common is that they serve their members and the community, aiming to improve the quality of life for their members. This book is based on a series of eight studies of cooperatives and mutual societies which were undertaken to determine causes of failure and reasons for success, to see how these enterprises were controlled and managed, to learn from their mistakes. Its conclusions and recommendations are relevant and cover fundamental and practical problems of coops and mutual societies, of members, of direction, management and control.

Manfred Davidmann

Cooperatives and Cooperation

Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success

by Manfred Davidmann

Published by Social Organisation Ltd


200 pages. Size 234 x 156 mm.

Date published: November 2011

Author website: www.socialorganisation.eu

ISBN:  978-0851920566

Paperback £33.80